Meet The Staff

Zaki Edwards, Founder/Editor In Chief

Zaki founded in January 2009 and currently serves as the Editor in Chief. Zaki’s passion for sports, both as an athlete and a fan, led him to start the site to force his opinion on everybody. Zaki once tried out for the New York Mets where a scout wanted him to transfer to another college to play regularly, but Zaki was all like “hell naw, you’re the Mets.”

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Zaki Edwards, Senior Writer

Zaki joined the team as the Senior Writer in 2009. After graduating from Haddon Heights HS in Haddon Heights, NJ, Zaki completed his undergraduate work at Old Dominion University and is currently studying at the University of The Onion. Zaki’s work has been hailed by ESPN’s Jayson Stark as “eminently amusing”, which totally blew Zaki’s mind by the way.

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Zaki Edwards, Senior Web Developer/Designer

Zaki launched the first version of in January 2009 and has been on board ever since. Zaki has over 13 years of web design and development experience and has beautifully re-designed twice in the past two years. Zaki is certified by the International Institute of Bomb-Ass Photoshoppery.

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Zaki Edwards, Marketing Director

Zaki is the newest member of the team, who was brought on in March 2009 when the site looked like it actually had an audience to market to. Zaki has gotten the site mentioned on various news outlets, including ESPN2,, and Zaki also runs the site’s Twitter account where he wastes way too much time.

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