Report: God under investigation for fixing 2011 NBA Finals
Report: God under investigation for fixing 2011 NBA Finals

The FBI is currently investigating allegations that God, divine being and heavenly Father, fixed the 2011 NBA Finals after a series of comments and Tweets made by several NBA players surfaced on Monday. According to a law enforcement official,... [Read more...]

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Terrelle Pryor passes Tiger Woods on list of richest athletes

After maintaining his position as the second-highest paid athlete in the world for more than three years, former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor finally passed Tiger Woods on the list of highest-paid... [Read more]

Yanks release 24 to make room on roster for Bartolo Colon

The New York Yankees announced that they have released 24 players from their 25-man roster, including perennial All-Stars Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, to clear room for right-handed pitcher Bartolo... [Read more]

325-pound man announces plans to cut back on exercise

Central Florida hospitals were put on high alert Wednesday as a local 325-pound man announced that he will put an end to his intense, 19-year exercise routine that included light-to-moderate jogging as... [Read more]

Source: Phil Jackson open to coaching Bulls this season

According to an NBA source, recently retired head coach Phil Jackson said that if the opportunity presented itself, he could be persuaded to return as the head coach of the Bulls for the remainder of the... [Read more]

Labor dispute ends after NFL wastes $9 billion on legal fees

The labor dispute between the NFL and its players over how to split the $9 billion in revenues from 2010 came to an end on Thursday after the league realized it had already blown all of the money on legal... [Read more]

New York Mets looking for roommate to help out with bills

New York Mets announced Thursday that the team is currently looking for a roommate to try and offset some operating expenses and asked that you contact them if you know anybody. “We’ll give... [Read more]

Mets 2011 giveaway items just stuff from lost & found

The Mets unveiled their 2011 promotional items on Friday and have assured fans that none of the over 7,000 items in the unorganized pile came from the recently closed Citi Field lost and found. “This... [Read more]

Report: Adrian Peterson not a slave

The world of professional sports was rocked early Wednesday morning by a report that Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is not a slave, refuting the widely-accepted belief that the four-time Pro Bowler... [Read more]

NFL turns abandoned stadiums into chain of Fuddruckers

Moments after announcing that the players had been locked out of the league, the NFL moved forward with plans to convert each of the newly abandoned stadiums into a chain of Fuddruckers restaurants. “The... [Read more]

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