DeSean Jackson casually places tip jar in end zone
Updated: September 13, 2011

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DeSean JacksonDeSean Jackson’s contract situation with the Eagles heated up on Sunday as the receiver was spotted placing a large tip jar in his team’s end zone prior to the game against the Rams.

Though the jar has several signs attached to it reading “Tips”, “Where my money?” and “Naw, seriously, where my money?”, Jackson downplayed the situation and insists he simply wants to focus on playing football.

“Man, I’m just focused on playing football right now and don’t wanna talk about some tip jar and how I accept any size tip, no matter how small,” Jackson said after Sunday’s 31-13 win over the Rams. “I’m trying to go out there and make plays and if someone likes what they see and wanna put some cash in the jar, then that’s on them. I can’t worry about what other people are doing.”

Jackson scored his first touchdown of the season in the third quarter and proceeded to pick up the tip jar and shake it violently in the air while screaming “Y’all gotta do better than this!”

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2 Responses to “DeSean Jackson casually places tip jar in end zone”

  1. Breh on October 9th, 2011 8:40 pm

    Totally classless…you’re a professional DJ, so try acting like one. The money will come, but don’t cheapen yourself or the game with child-like behaviour. As for Andy Reid, get off of his case, because most of the sports writers in Philly will be dying to sniff his jock by the end of the season. He’s a great coach, so how about showing him a little love you buttwipes !!!

  2. Sam Crow on October 24th, 2011 11:45 am

    Uh, yea. Thanks for the comment Breh. Makes this article much funnier than it already was.