76ers politely ask Evan Turner to become superstar by next week
76ers politely ask Evan Turner to become superstar by next week

The Sixers started their season with a stumble, wasting a second half comeback against Portland to fall 107-103. While the loss itself was not a complete surprise after a lukewarm 2010-11 campaign, it was merely the most recent reminder that... [Read more...]

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Sixers complete dream season by capturing playoff win

The Sixers capped off an improbable dream season by clinching an epic Game 4 win against the Miami Heat during the first round of the NBA playoffs. “We did it! We shook up the world! We shook up... [Read more]

Lil Wayne takes full responsibility for Sixers loss to Kings

Rapper Lil Wayne issued an apology for his role in the Sixers’ loss to the Kings on Sunday afternoon after several members of the team attended his concert the night before. “I accept full... [Read more]

FCC ruling makes it OK to start watching Sixers games again

The Federal Communications Commission announced Friday that it is now safe for the public to begin viewing Sixers games again, overturning a January 2010 ruling that deemed televised Sixers games to be... [Read more]

Is Andre Iguodala just too talented to play for the Sixers?

Ever since Allen Iverson left in a trade to Denver in 2006, the Sixers have widely been regarded as ‘Andre Iguodala’s team,’ and with that team’s performance over the past few years,... [Read more]

Sixers on pace to become worst playoff team since 2010

The Sixers currently hold the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference with a 14-21 record, which puts the team on a historic pace to become the worst to make the NBA playoffs since the 2010 Chicago Bulls. “To... [Read more]

Source: Sixers close to acquiring $15.95 for adjustable hat

The Sixers are reportedly close to shipping an Adidas Red Basic Logo Adjustable Hat to an Abington home for $15.95, marking the first SixersShop.com transaction since 2006 when a pair of black NBA Logoman... [Read more]

Report: Sixers ‘totally willing’ to kill Iguodala to get Anthony

The 76ers have reportedly contacted the Denver Nuggets about a deal for star forward Carmelo Anthony and are willing to kill swingman Andre Iguodala to make it happen. “My sources tell me that the... [Read more]

Report: Top Philadelphia draft pick cheered

Philadelphia sports fans reportedly broke their historic tradition of booing and throwing urine-soaked snowballs at draft picks when they cheered the 76ers’ selection of Evan Turner at the NBA draft... [Read more]

Sixers let ping-pong ball machine take over GM duties

The Philadelphia 76ers have finally cut ties with their GM Ed Stefanski and replaced him with the NBA Draft Lottery machine after it was able to secure the second overall pick for the beleaguered franchise. The... [Read more]

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