Sixers unofficially eliminated from next year’s playoffs
Sixers unofficially eliminated from next year’s playoffs

A 109-93 loss to the Orlando Magic on Monday night and the previous 46 losses this season have unofficially eliminated the Philadelphia 76ers from next year’s playoffs. “I’m not sure this is even news,” Sixers GM Ed Stefanski... [Read more...]

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Eddie Jordan: I never said I knew anything about basketball

Sixers head coach Eddie Jordan responded to the reports that he will be fired at the end of the season by saying he “never claimed to know the first thing about basketball.” “Everyone... [Read more]

Iverson still battling with longtime addiction to everything

Former 76ers guard Allen Iverson spoke openly on Tuesday about how he has long suffered through menacing addictions to everything ever, including alcohol, lamps, gambling, drama and Saved By The Bell reruns. “You... [Read more]

Sixers turn to more convenient Strayer University offense

After struggling for much of the season to get anything going with Eddie Jordan’s Princeton offense, the Sixers’ head coach will switch to the more accommodating, but less popular Strayer University... [Read more]

Jodie Meeks era underway with garbage time free throw

With a single free throw in the final minutes of a blowout loss to the Bulls on Sunday, the Jodie Meeks era officially began in the city of Philadelphia. The Sixers acquired Meeks in a last-minute deadline... [Read more]

Sixers issue formal apology for five-game win streak

The Sixers released a formal apology letter on Thursday, asking for forgiveness after the team suffered an embarrassing five-game win streak that set them back at least two weeks. The letter, sent to season... [Read more]

Sixers, Nets agree that’s probably enough for now

The Sixers halted their Sunday game against the New Jersey Nets after the two teams agreed that the game had probably run its course. “This is pretty much all we got, folks,” Elton Brand said... [Read more]

Sixers are gonna try and beat that traffic again

The Sixers have informed a couple nearby fans that they are probably gonna head out in a couple minutes to beat the traffic. “There’s not really much going on in the game right now, so we might... [Read more]

Sixers nearly out-grab-assed by Timberwolves in OT

Though the Sixers spent much of the first half of Monday’s game against the Timberwolves playing actual basketball, they were able to find their stride with a strong surge of grab-ass in the second... [Read more]

Sixers guarantee long, painful season for Iverson

The Sixers made a major move yesterday by guaranteeing that Allen Iverson will endure one of the longest and most painful seasons of his 14-year career. “When we first brought him in here, we couldn’t... [Read more]

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