Alex Ovechkin hit by bus shortly after being acquired by Flyers
Alex Ovechkin hit by bus shortly after being acquired by Flyers

Just hours after announcing that team captain Chris Pronger would miss the remainder of the season with a concussion, the Flyers announced that recently acquired superstar Alex Ovechkin sustained a severe concussion and would also miss the rest... [Read more...]

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Hungover Paul Holmgren trying to piece yesterday together

Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren announced Friday that he is extremely hungover and while he can’t remember a thing that happened yesterday, he is in the process of trying to piece everything... [Read more]

Flyers giddy over chance to meet real life NHL goalie

The Flyers acquired the negotiating rights to Coyotes goalie Ilya Bryzgalov on Tuesday and, according to league sources, have not stopped talking about how excited they are to finally meet a real life... [Read more]

Interest in hockey on decline among Flyers players

The National Hockey League conducted a recent poll that found that while the overall popularity of hockey in the U.S. had increased over the past few months, interest in the sport had dropped significantly... [Read more]

Worn-out Flyers to use some vacation time

Exhausted from the recent workload and an embarrassing four-game losing streak, the Flyers decided to put in for some vacation time on Tuesday and will reschedule all of their upcoming games for whenever... [Read more]

Flyers relieved to finally find, waive Nik Zherdev

The Flyers expressed a great deal of relief on Wednesday when the team was finally able to locate and waive Russian winger Nik Zherdev, who went missing on Friday. “We are just so glad to know he’s... [Read more]

Flyers acquire Kris Versteeg from Leafs out of pure boredom

The Flyers acquired Kris Versteeg — one of the best players on the market at this year’s deadline — from the Toronto Maple Leafs because the team was bored on Monday and really needed... [Read more]

All-Star snub motivates Briere to tear player’s head off

Danny Briere used his recent All-Star snub as motivation to have one of his best games of the season on Tuesday against Buffalo, tallying one goal and three assists while tearing Sabres forward Luke Adams’... [Read more]

Team has one more time to waive Leighton, reports Leighton

After being released for the fifth time in his career, Michael Leighton reported that an NHL team has one more time to place him on waivers and that “[he's] not even playin’.” “Oh... [Read more]

Flyers use 16-man advantage to score rare power play goal

The Flyers put an end to their power play drought on Sunday by taking advantage of a 20-on-4 situation during the third period. Andreas Nodl tied the game up with his seventh goal of the season after fighting... [Read more]

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