Interest in hockey on decline among Flyers players
Updated: April 12, 2011

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The National Hockey League conducted a recent poll that found that while the overall popularity of hockey in the U.S. had increased over the past few months, interest in the sport had dropped significantly among Philadelphia Flyers players.

According to the poll, only 7% of Flyers players currently list hockey as their favorite sport, down from 89% when the players were polled at the start of the season.

“What we’re seeing is a shift in players’ interests from hockey to wanting to sleep all day,” said an NHL spokesperson. “Players are also starting to show more interest in golf and Twitter over hockey in recent weeks, according to the poll.”

Though Flyers players have shown less interest in hockey in recent months, the polls shows that 78% of players say they would show more interest now that the Flyers are in the playoffs.

“It’s the ‘bandwagon players’ effect,” the spokesperson added.

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