Flyers impressed with Bobrovsky’s ability to say ‘Bobrovsky’
Updated: October 9, 2010

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Following a strong debut against the Penguins on Thursday, rookie goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky continued to impress Flyers coaches and players with his ability to remember and correctly pronounce his last name, something the rest of his teammates continue to struggle with.

“Yeah, what’s-his-face was awesome,” Flyers captain Mike Richards said of Bobrovsky. “Not gonna lie…I totally forgot his name again. It’s something like ‘Botox’,  but I feel like there’s a ‘ski’ or ‘sky’ in there somewhere. Whatever it is, he says it like a damn pro.”

While the Flyers are plenty high on Bobrovsky, the team did express concern over the Russian’s ability to pronounce words like ‘Philadelphia’ and ‘hockey’.

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