Inattentive Eagles fan scoffs at Dolphins being Week 13 favorites
Inattentive Eagles fan scoffs at Dolphins being Week 13 favorites

It has been a disappointing season for the Eagles, to say the least, and nowhere is that more epitomized than the predictions for the NFL’s week 13, in which the Eagles, pre season Superbowl favorites, have been picked as losing to the not-as-surprisingly... [Read more...]

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Eagles hire bodyguards to protect coaches from LeSean McCoy

Eagles president Joe Banner announced today that the team would be employing 6- to-10 bodyguards to protect coaches from running back LeSean McCoy. “We have to protect our assets as an organization,”... [Read more]

DeSean Jackson casually places tip jar in end zone

DeSean Jackson’s contract situation with the Eagles heated up on Sunday as the receiver was spotted placing a large tip jar in his team’s end zone prior to the game against the Rams. Though... [Read more]

Michael Vick officially leaves part-time job at McDonald’s

Michael Vick agreed to terms with the Eagles on a six-year, $100 million contract extension on Tuesday, finally enabling the Pro Bowl quarterback to leave his part-time job at an area McDonald’s... [Read more]

Jackson becomes only player in NFL without new Eagles contract

Running back Ronnie Brown and quarterback Peyton Manning both finalized their deals with the Eagles on Monday, leaving wide receiver DeSean Jackson as the only player in the NFL without a new contract... [Read more]

Eagles named least valuable franchise by Eagles Fan Magazine

For the 50th straight year, the Philadelphia Eagles were ranked dead last as the least valuable franchise in all of sports, worth $3.50 according to Eagles Fan Magazine. The value jumped just over $3 since... [Read more]

Twitter war escalates as McCoy plans retaliatory tweet

Eagles runningback LeSean McCoy vowed Tuesday to unleash as many as 140 characters on the Giants in response to a series of deadly tweets by Osi Umenyoira and Steve Smith as the intense Twitter war between... [Read more]

Eagles informal workout interrupted by recess again

For the fifth time on Tuesday, Eagles players were interrupted by a 15-minute period of recess during an informal workout at E.T. Hamilton Elementary School in Voorhees, NJ. “We kind of have to take... [Read more]

Plaxico Burress leaves prison wearing Eagles uniform

Further fueling the speculation that Plaxico Burress could soon join the Eagles, the former Giants star wore a full Eagles uniform and carried a sign reading “I really, really want to play for the... [Read more]

NovaCare Complex converted to minimum security prison

After more than a decade of planning, the Eagles finally completed the conversion of the NovaCare Complex into a fully-functional minimum security prison and are currently awaiting the transfer of former... [Read more]

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