NovaCare Complex converted to minimum security prison
Updated: June 3, 2011

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After more than a decade of planning, the Eagles finally completed the conversion of the NovaCare Complex into a fully-functional minimum security prison and are currently awaiting the transfer of former Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress.

The building, now referred to as the NovaCare Correctional Facility, will house non-violent inmates that have shown, over an extended period of time, the ability to play football at a very high level.

Eagles owner Jeff Lurie spoke Friday about the completion of the facility and what it meant to finally realize his dream of becoming a prison warden.

“I’ve dreamed of this day since I was a young kid,” Lurie said while trying to hold back tears. “To finally be able to rehabilitate young men and turn them into productive, revenue-generating NFL players is pretty overwhelming.”

While Lurie and the Eagles are anxious to bring Burress into the newly-renovated facility, the team is also reportedly scouting a linebacker out of Rockview State Correctional Institution currently serving a 14-year sentence for aggravated assault, but ran the 40 in under 4.2 seconds and has exceptional upper-body strength.

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