Team has one more time to waive Leighton, reports Leighton
Updated: January 5, 2011

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After being released for the fifth time in his career, Michael Leighton reported that an NHL team has one more time to place him on waivers and that “[he's] not even playin’.”

“Oh man, I wish a team would try to put me on waivers again,” Leighton said to reporters on Wednesday. “Ooooo, you just don’t know. Go ahead, waive me again. Do it again! Waive! Me! Again! I’ll take this stick and…Oooooo…you don’t even wanna know.”

As of press time, Leighton has yet to be placed on waivers by another NHL team, but according one source, the goalie is seriously waiting for a team to pop off.

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