87 Disallowed goals prevent Flyers from embarrassing ?Canes
87 Disallowed goals prevent Flyers from embarrassing ‘Canes

A record-shattering 87 disallowed goals by the Flyers prevented an 8-1 win over the Hurricanes from really getting out of hand on Thursday. “The ‘Canes caught quite a few breaks out there,” said Jeff Carter, who had to settle... [Read more...]

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Sources: Flyers won’t shut up about being in first place

A five-game win streak has propelled the Flyers into first place in the Eastern Conference and Shop Rite sources are now reporting that players won’t shut up about it. “Hey, how about that... [Read more]

Flyers impressed with Bobrovsky’s ability to say ‘Bobrovsky’

Following a strong debut against the Penguins on Thursday, rookie goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky continued to impress Flyers coaches and players with his ability to remember and correctly pronounce his last... [Read more]

Walker cheaper than Gagne in preseason debut

Making his first appearance for his new team last night, former Flyer Simon Gagne scored 3 points but Matt Walker, the man who came to Philadelphia in exchange, was cheaper on the ice all night long. “We... [Read more]

Pronger skates off with Stanley Cup while no one’s looking

Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger has bucked hockey tradition once again by swiping the Stanley Cup Trophy while everyone was either celebrating or too wrought with devastation to notice. Pronger, who also... [Read more]

Remaining Tribune subscriber thought Pronger joke was funny

The Chicago Tribune ran a graphic depicting Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger in a skirt on Wednesday and  the paper’s reader, Allen Bruhns, thought it was rather amusing. “I always look to... [Read more]

US government steps up effort to contain Philadelphia Flyers

Efforts to contain the Philadelphia Flyers’ epic run through the NHL suffered a major setback on Monday, meaning the team could continue destroying everything in its path for days, and possibly... [Read more]

Flyers complete epic comeback to front page of newspaper

The Flyers crawled back from a three-game deficit to eliminate the Bruins in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals and secure a historic comeback to the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Simon... [Read more]

Daily News picks Flyers to beat themselves in 5 games

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, the Flyers will win one game of well-played hockey against the New Jersey Devils but will ultimately fall to themselves in five games. “We’ve said... [Read more]

Mike Richards slams local media for covering Flyers

Captain Mike Richards took verbal shots at members of the  Philadelphia media for their steadfast coverage of the Flyers, who have now fallen to the bottom of the Atlantic Division standings after two... [Read more]

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