Adulterous, billionaire athletes with hot wives don’t need our sympathy

I’m not one of those sadistic a-holes that gets their kicks from seeing other people’s destruction, but I’m certainly not someone that’s feeling sorry for Tiger Woods when he brought all of this on himself. To feel sorry... [Read more...]

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Who wouldn’t pay to see Bonds play again?

Barry Bonds’ agent is saying he’s all but done since he’s been out of baseball for two years without a contract offer, but how crazy would it be to see Bonds play right now? I’ve been anti-Bonds... [Read more]

More Halladay madness at the Winter Meetings

I think everyone is pretty numb to the prospect of the Phillies somehow trading for Roy Halladay by now — especially since we get to trot Clifton Phifer Christ out there every fifth day — but SI’s... [Read more]

Phillies sign Ross Gload; Could have Eisenreich potential

The Phils are starting to look like they have a ‘type’. Not that there’s much variety when it comes to bench players, but Ross Gload is about as close to a Greg Dobbs clone as you can find in baseball.... [Read more]

Reid given three more years to make something happen

Love him or leave him, he’s here through 2013. This is typically one of those moves that will set more people off than it’ll please but I’m a little indifferent since I think the guys wearing the... [Read more] expanding with more original content

In an effort to deliver more content to the site (since satire doesn’t always write itself), I’ll start to feature non-satirical local and national news features in addition to the satire. The idea is... [Read more]

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