Adulterous, billionaire athletes with hot wives don’t need our sympathy
Updated: December 12, 2009

By Zaki,

I’m not one of those sadistic a-holes that gets their kicks from seeing other people’s destruction, but I’m certainly not someone that’s feeling sorry for Tiger Woods when he brought all of this on himself.

To feel sorry for Tiger is to act like he’s a complete moron and you don’t become the world’s top golfer and make the kind of money he does as a complete moron. Save your sympathy for guys like Sean Taylor or Pat Tillman, but not for a guy that knowingly risked everything he built over more than a decade just to get a nut off.

We all make decisions in life, and Tiger’s was to get grimey with about a dozen loud-mouthed skeezers rather than stay at home with his wife. I think when you’re Tiger Woods, you have to know that if you get caught, it’s not gonna be like Joe Sixpack getting caught cheating, it’s gonna be like Tiger Woods getting caught cheating. He’s owned a television before and knows how the media jumps on celebrity misfortune. He knew what Kobe Bryant, Bill Clinton and about 50 trillion other men went through after dipping their nugget in the wrong sauce. So, why am I supposed to feel sorry for the storm that’s come down on him now?

Too many people wish they were given Tiger’s gift to be able to play golf and make billions at it while maintaining what once looked like a nice family. It’s the same story of a guy that wastes the talent so many other people wish they had. Tiger enjoyed the lifestyle he made for himself. He enjoyed being on top of the heap of far inferior golfers and all of the perks and endorsements that came along with it. If he didn’t, he could have pulled the plug at any point and went home just like Dave Chappelle did.

Call me weird, but I’m big on personal responsibility and this guy ran through the scenario of getting caught and made the decision to just do it anyway. It’s called thinking with the wrong head and I know there are few women that would defend what he did, but I’m one guy that could honestly care less how badgered he gets by any of this as long as he’s not physically injured…by anyone other than his wife.

Aside from the fact that he brought this down on himself, he doesn’t need anyone’s sympathy since this will generally be forgotten in a couple years. Few people look at Kobe as a rapist and no one really cares that Michael Vick is on the Eagles anymore, and that was only a couple months ago.

I’ll follow whatever else happens in this Tiger saga not with anxiety or bloodlust, but with a general curiosity to see how he comes out of it, since everyone knows he will. So, yeah…I don’t think he needs your pity at the moment.

Zaki is the Chief Rocka and senior writer for

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