Eagles mount comeback after Andy Reid stops watching
Updated: December 20, 2010

By , PhillyGameday.com

Andy Reid said Monday that it “just figures” the Eagles would mount a dramatic fourth quarter comeback after he stopped watching the game because the team was “pissing [him] off too much.”

“This happens every time. I stop paying attention to the game, and they start playing ridiculous football,” said Reid. “Sometimes-and I know this is going to sound pretty weird-but sometimes I really feel like I’m a jinx to this team.”

With the Eagles down 21 points with 7:18 minutes left in the game and Andy Reid watching Golden Girls, Michael Vick took over the game, throwing two touchdowns and rushing for another while the Eagles defense forced two crucial punts to keep the score tied at 31-31.

“I got a text from my buddy saying the score was tied, so I started watching again,” said Reid. “Then I see DeSean (Jackson) drop the punt and I start freaking out again and quit watching.”

Moments after Reid turned his attention away from the game, Jackson picked the ball up and ran for a game-winning touchdown while time expired.

This marks the 118th time in Reid’s 12-year career that he was watching something else during an Eagles win.

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