Comparing Phillies 2009 bullpen to the current bunch

Danys Baez is set to take a physical and finalize his two-year deal with the Phillies this week, which may be the last significant move the Phils make this offseason, according to Todd Zolecki. Apparently, Ruben Amaro may still sign a couple... [Read more...]

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Redskins fire Zorn, Bills fire everybody not nailed down

Why does it seem like indecisiveness among retiring athletes and coaches is suddenly en vogue? Roger Clemens and Brett Favre are the most infamous, but I just wonder where this annoying trend started. It looks like... [Read more]

What in the Gilbert Arenas is up with Gilbert Arenas

Good job by whoever had the foresight to change Washington’s name from the Bullets to the Wizards. Otherwise, bloggers and columnists would have so much fuel, we’d probably explode. In a matter of two... [Read more]

Mets sign Jason Bay, still completely irrelevant

It looks like Jason Bay really loves that paper after signing with a disaster of an organization that plays in a stadium the size of Central Park. His power numbers will fall and his chances of a World Series will... [Read more]

Colts fans: Sit down, grab your sippy cup and enjoy the game

It’s one thing to be upset that Peyton Manning didn’t finish out the game, ending any chance of a perfect season. But it’s another to demand your money back because of it. What kind of spoiled... [Read more]

Phils still waiting to jump into the free agent reliever pool

Fernando Rodney, Matt Capps, Kelvim Escobar, Mike Gonzalez and J.J. Putz have all bit the dust and now the Phils are stuck with names like Danys Baez, Mike MacDougal, Kiko Calero, Miguel Batista, John Smoltz and... [Read more]

To cheer or not to cheer for Dawkins? That is the (dumb) question

In terms of fan decorum, It’s a no-brainer and the only reason I’m even writing this is because the question is being posed around town: Of course you cheer for Brian Dawkins’ return to the Linc... [Read more]

The truth of the Cliff Lee situation shall set us all free

We give a then 45-year-old Jamie Moyer $13 million after a sub-par 2008 postseason and now we send Cliff Lee packing after plowing through the eventual World Series champs like he was Tiger Woo…ok, nevermind.... [Read more]

Would Halladay and Lee be in the same rotation if Jamie Moyer retired?

I think everyone with at least one finger on the Phillies’ bandwagon would say ‘yes’, Cliff Lee would probably be our number two starter right now if Jamie Moyer retired either during or after... [Read more]

The bittersweet acquisition of Roy ‘Doc’ Halladay

This is exactly what everyone was calling for about five months ago and yet we’re all dragging our feet to welcome Roy Halladay to this town since we had to give up Cliff Lee to make it happen. Oh how quickly... [Read more]

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