Phils offense can’t survive without Rollins, by Joey Bagadonuts

I can’t believe this is happening right now. Jimmy Rollins, the spark plug of the entire Phils offense, is headed to the DL and we’re stuck with Juan freakin Castro as his replacement. Jimmy was off to the best start of his career... [Read more...]

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Why is Cole Hamels still on this team? by Joey Bagadonuts

The next time somebody even mentions the name “Cole Hamels” to me, I’m gonna ralph my brajole right in his face. Who is this guy and who said he could still pitch in this town? Every... [Read more]

Phillies rotation set with Moyer in final spot, Kendrick to bullpen

As someone that’s said numerous times that Jamie Moyer is more of a burden than a help at this point, I have to admit the man earned his spot. Somehow, he morphed into Cliff Lee in his two spring... [Read more]

Hell hath no fury like a McNabb scorned

No matter what goes down in the following minutes or days or however long it takes to trade Donovan McNabb, the city of Philadelphia loses. I think even the most staunch anti-McNabb-ites have to admit... [Read more]

Iverson reportedly out partying with Jermaine Dupri

On the not-looking-so-good meter, Allen Iverson going anywhere near a party while he’s on leave to attend to his sick daughter has to rank pretty high. According to Sports by Brooks, Iverson spent... [Read more]

Chan Ho Park takes less money to play with the Yankees

What just happened here? Chan Ho Park reportedly turned down a one-year, $3.25 million contract from the Phillies earlier in the offseason and is now saying he has signed with the Yankees for $1.2 million?... [Read more]

Braves weren’t bad role models, they just couldn’t seal the deal

Sam Donnellon of the Daily News wrote an article a couple days ago about how the Phillies shouldn’t pattern themselves after the Braves that won 14-straight division titles because Atlanta only won... [Read more]

Sir Charles should have declined that invite to bomb on SNL

Dear Mr. Charles Barkley, Are you sure you should be telling other folks to decline invitations after what you did — or rather didn’t do — on Saturday Night Live a few weeks back? Barkley... [Read more]

Lane Kiffin and USC: A match made in dysfunction

Lane Kiffin heading to USC is like that girl we all knew with daddy issues that kept going back to the abusive, dysfunctional boyfriend. They need each other to feel normal, and what’s normal to... [Read more]

Baseball Writers: Quit the power play and vote on merit

Obviously, this message isn’t directed toward the 73.7% of writers that don’t act like they were stuffed in a locker every day by their high school baseball team. I am strictly speaking to... [Read more]

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