Sir Charles should have declined that invite to bomb on SNL
Updated: January 23, 2010

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Dear Mr. Charles Barkley,

Are you sure you should be telling other folks to decline invitations after what you did — or rather didn’t do — on Saturday Night Live a few weeks back?

Barkley criticized Allen Iverson’s starting nod for the upcoming NBA All-Star game and said the former two-time All-Star MVP should decline his invitation to let someone more deserving take his spot.

Really Charles?

Let’s ponder this for a second: AI doesn’t belong at an NBA All-Star game, but Charles Barkley belongs on stage to host a live sketch comedy show?

Maybe if the message was coming from Jeff Van Gundy — who I would love to see on SNL, by the way — then I’d let it slide, but coming from Charles, it’s a joke.

Iverson may not be the second most talented guard in the league, but it’s not like the fans voted in Vladimir Radmonovic. Cal Ripken started the 2001 MLB All-Star game when he was 40 years old and hitting .240. I don’t think Iverson is quite as beloved as Ripken was in baseball, but obviously enough people enjoy watching him play to vote for him as an All-Star.

I’ve never heard one person say they enjoy Barkley’s commentary on TNT, much less that they want to see him on SNL. So, if you want to talk about undeserved roles, let’s start with the ones you find yourself in, Mr. Barkley.

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