Phillies rotation set with Moyer in final spot, Kendrick to bullpen
Updated: March 30, 2010

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As someone that’s said numerous times that Jamie Moyer is more of a burden than a help at this point, I have to admit the man earned his spot.

Somehow, he morphed into Cliff Lee in his two spring starts (0.77 ERA over 11.2 innings) and took the fifth spot from Kyle Kendrick, who also had a very impressive spring (1.66 ERA over 21.2 innings).

Normally, I’d be talking about how you can’t judge someone based on two starts, especially during spring training, but the guy held most of the regular Yankee lineup to one hit over six innings. There’s no amount of luck that will carry a pitcher to that kind of performance. If even for a brief moment, he showed he’s got something left.

I don’t think anyone has much confidence that Moyer will stay there the entire season or even make it through April without people talking about demoting him once again, but he did what he had to do, which was dominate and show he still belongs in the majors.

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