Oldest man in baseball pitches like oldest man in baseball
Updated: June 14, 2010

By , PhillyGameday.com

Phillies pitcher Jamie Moyer, who is baseball’s oldest player at 47, made headlines on Friday for actually pitching like you’d expect a 47-year-old man to pitch against a major league team.

Moyer allowed nine runs while recording only three outs against the Red Sox after pitching like a man in his prime in his previous six starts (2.76 ERA over 42.1 innings).

“He’s been pretty good for us lately and you kind of forget about his age for a minute there,” Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said of Moyer. “But then he gives up nine runs and you’re like ‘oh yeah, why is he still playing?’”

While the Phillies are hoping that Moyer regains his 45-year-old form, the team is also concerned with Joe Blanton, who has pitched like a 86-year-old with glaucoma and a touch of the gout.

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