Colts fans: Sit down, grab your sippy cup and enjoy the game
Updated: December 29, 2009

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It’s one thing to be upset that Peyton Manning didn’t finish out the game, ending any chance of a perfect season. But it’s another to demand your money back because of it.

What kind of spoiled bed-wetters are we dealing with here? Apparently a local Indy politician, Buert SerVaas, has gotten involved to draft an actual City-County Council resolution demanding that the NFL refund the money paid for tickets.

Let’s iron this out so we have the facts straight and no one gets reamed unfairly here:

1. Indy head coach Jim Caldwell, ESPN and the entire planet has been talking about the prospect of sitting Peyton Manning in the final games for at least 500 years now.

2. These fans bought tickets to go see the game anyway.

3. Said fans saw Manning throw the football 21 times for 192 yards.

4. These same fans follow a team that is guaranteed home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

5. Now, a local councilman is concerning himself with what a football team is doing to ensure the health of its star players, rather than focusing on more important things in the middle of a recession.

I don’t know how else to say it other than these people need lives…and maybe a little perspective.

Get upset because you didn’t get to see the Colts win a game they probably could have, but keep things in perspective here: You paid to see a football game. It just so happens that the game was in the middle of preparation for the playoffs.

Caldwell was doing what he thought was best for the team in the long run. Sure, the odds of Peyton actually getting hurt are slim, but the downside to him getting hurt are catastrophic (relatively). He IS the Colts.

I’m putting myself in the shoes of a Colts fan and while I would have rather seen Peyton out there to go for the perfect season, I understand the decision to pull him and keep an eye on the bigger picture.

This stuff about trying to legally get your money back from a franchise that has given you a Super Bowl championship and arguably the best QB to ever play the game is insane. If anyone should ask for their money back, it’s Browns or Rams fans. They know going into the game their team has no shot and they go home knowing they won’t have a shot the next week either. At least Colts fans have a realistic shot at a Super Bowl to look forward to.

So please, pay for the ticket, plant your ass in a chair and watch the best team in football, regardless of how long Peyton plays.

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