Report: Eagles to interview Panthers’ McDermott for DC job

January 25, 2011 by Zaki  
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Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott is scheduled to interview for the Eagles’ defensive coordinator job this week, according to a league source.

The Eagles interviewed Dennis Allen over the weekend but the former Saints secondary coach was hired as the Broncos new defensive coordinator, leaving the Eagles with very few viable targets to fill their own defensive coordinator post. The Eagles also tried to lure Dick Jauron and Jim Mora to run the defense, but Jauron was hired by the Bills and Mora opted to stay out of football rather than to work with the Eagles defense.

Eagles sources indicate that recent reports that McDermott was ever fired from the Eagles are false and that the team isn’t just showing interest in the Carolina coordinator because they have no other choice.

Eagles ‘soo close’ to tricking man into coaching defense

January 22, 2011 by Zaki  
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After more than 83 coaches turned down the Eagles’ vacant defensive coordinator position in the past seven days, the team was reportedly “like, this close” to tricking Jim Mora into taking the job, according to one team source.

“Oooh-ho-ho! You almost got me, you sneaky sons of bitches! Oh, that was good times. Good times,” Mora reportedly said after he realized he nearly became the new Eagles defensive coordinator. “Oh God, was this filmed? Please tell me you got this on tape. I wanna see my face when I found out you guys weren’t really the Ravens. I bet I was all like ‘Aww, man!’ and stuff, right?”

The Eagles are expected to trick five more candidates into taking the job this week, including a second attempt at Mora.