Hall of Fame human being and announcer Harry Kalas showed us how it's done
Updated: April 14, 2009

By , PhillyGameday.com

It’s very profound when you look back on an individual’s life and see just how many complete strangers can fondly recall how he’s touched them. It inspires you to live life the way Harry Kalas did when you see the joy he brought to people’s lives while he was here, and the love and admiration those that never even knew the man display in his absence.

Kalas was the Phillies. He represented the franchise for the past 40 years almost as much as the actual “P” logo itself, but the great thing about such a unique voice as HK’s is that it’s not going anywhere. No one that’s spent any time in front of a radio or TV when Harry K was on will ever be able to forget “Struck him ooooout!” or the great “Oooutta heeeere!”

There’s really no other way to describe the impact that Kalas had on our world other than to say that it was a better place while he was here. It is my personal goal for others to be able to say the same for me one day and I’m grateful to be able to share this planet with folks like Harry K that show us how it’s supposed to be done.

It obviously goes without saying, but he will be terribly missed.

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