MLB teams livid after Nats become first to overpay player

December 6, 2010 by Zaki  
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The baseball world was turned on its head on Sunday after the Washington Nationals became the first team ever in the 110-year history of Major League Baseball to grossly overpay an athlete by agreeing to a seven-year, $126 million contract with free agent Jayson Werth.

“This is outraaaaaaaageous!” said one rival general manager. “Since when do we just go around throwing money at players like this?”

Up until now, the major league salary structure was able to regulate itself based on the calm, rational decisions by general managers, such as the Dodgers signing of Darren Dreifort for $55 million or the Rockies signing Mike Hampton for $121 million after the 2000 season. However, the Nationals signing of Werth will likely lead to a structure where nearly every player will begin to earn far more than they actually deserve for playing professional baseball.

“The honeymoon is over,” said another GM. “The days of being able to pay a top free agent outfielder $100 million have come and gone. Everyone can thank the Nationals for that.”