Cam Newton too emotional to notice that’s not Heisman

December 13, 2010 by  
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An emotional Cameron Newton thanked his mother and father, then paused to compose himself as he unknowingly accepted the Craddock Little League Most Improved Player Award on Saturday night.

The Heisman Trust opted to replace the real Heisman Trophy at the last minute in an effort to save Newton the embarrassment of having to returning the trophy a few years from now or possibly later today.

“I think this decision satisfies everyone involved,” said Heisman Trust president William J. Dockery. “We get to keep our beloved trophy and by the time Cameron and his family realize we gave them a fake, the NCAA will have found him guilty of about 70 other violations anyway, so…yeah…win-win.”

The Heisman Trust would later apologize for incorrectly spelling Newton’s name “Cheats McGee, Jr” and asked that he surrender the trophy immediately so they can take care of that for him.