Sixers take young, moonwalking Jrue Holiday in first round
Updated: June 26, 2009

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The Sixers took UCLA’s Jrue Holiday with their first and only pick in Thursday’s NBA Draft.

Holiday surprised the Sixers with his availability at the 17th pick and shocked everyone with his tribute to the late Michael Jackson by moonwalking across the stage to shake hands with NBA Commissioner David Stern.

“I found out that MJ had passed shortly after I got here, so I decided to do a little something to show my love to him,” said Holiday. “It just so happens that I wear this Billie Jean suit everywhere I go, but it definitely came in extra handy tonight.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Michael Jackson was a legend in music and in life. My hope is that his family and others that loved him can make it through this and without being affected by the negativity floating around.

The man’s music played a huge part in the soundtrack of my childhood and regardless of what he may or may not have done, his influence on billions of people over the past four decades can’t be denied.

I’ll be blasting MJ in my car for as long as I deem necessary and extend an invitation for others to follow suit.

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