Favre easily makes ESPN the network-to-avoid this season
Updated: August 19, 2009

By , PhillyGameday.com

Many sports analysts have already tabbed ESPN as this season’s network-to-turn-off now that Brett Favre is back in the league.

Favre’s return to the NFL and subsequent overblown coverage on ESPN easily gives the network the edge-on paper-over others like Fox, CBS and even Versus.

In past years, Fox’s jumping and high-stepping NFL Robot thing pushed the network well ahead of ESPN, despite the Worldwide Leader’s beat-you-over-the-head coverage of past Favre comebacks.

This year, however, since everyone has all but forgotten every good thing the attention whore has ever accomplished in his career because he insists on destroying his own legacy, the unending gushing and fawning over Favre puts ESPN in a league of its own among networks to avoid this football season.

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