Sluggish Favre demanding games be played before supper
Updated: August 29, 2009

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Vikings head coach Brad Childress was approached by a very groggy and inattentive Brett Favre late Saturday afternoon about the start times for the remaining preseason and regular season games.

Since returning to football about a month ago, Favre has had a hard time coping with the NFL’s policy to play games during late-afternoon and prime time hours.

Favre made his Vikings debut on August 21 and struggled in his brief appearance, completing one of his four passes for only four total yards against the Chiefs. The aging QB attributed his lack of focus and general cantankerous behavior to what he has labeled as “inappropriate” game times.

“I don’t know why they have us playing at all hours of the night like this,” Favre said during a midday practice session. “Since when do we play games at four in the evening? As much as I love this game, there’s no way I can be productive at such an unholy hour.”

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell  told reporters that he received a hand-written letter from Favre demanding a change to the Vikings game times to coincide with the Mississippi native’s two o’clock supper time.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with something like this,” said Goodell. “I get about two or three of these every year from the older guys still hanging around in the league. Vinny Testaverde actually wanted to replace the Gatorade jugs with prune juice a few years back. I sent him a crossword puzzle book as a compromise and haven’t heard from him since.”

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