Lidge confident Manuel will regain form at some point
Updated: September 7, 2009

By Zaki,

Brad Lidge came out once again on Monday to throw his full support behind Charlie Manuel in hopes that the manager will find his ’08 form and finally pull him as the Phillies closer.

“Charlie was on top of his game last year,” said Lidge. “I would’ve been gone in June if this was ’08 Charlie. This year is a totally different story and here we are in September dealing with him struggling to make the right decision. I think he just needs more time though.”

Lidge blew his 10th save on Saturday, allowing two runs in the bottom of the ninth against the Astros. The closer now has an 0-7 record and a 7.15 ERA in 57 appearances, easily setting the mark for the worst season of any closer in the history of both Major and Little League Baseball.

“That’s my guy, come hell or high water,” Manuel said of Lidge on Monday with his head more than halfway submerged in the sand. “If you just take away his bad outings, he’s been a solid pitcher this season and that’s what we have to focus on…to keep from pulling out my hair and rocking in the fetal position all day and night at least.”

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