Eddy Curry dumped on T’Wolves in 3-team blockbuster deal
Updated: February 22, 2011

By , PhillyGameday.com

It took a total of three teams, 12 players and at least three draft picks, but the Knicks were finally able to dispose of Eddy Curry on Tuesday in a three-team blockbuster deal.

After the Knicks tried unsuccessfully to unload Curry every day for the past five years, the Minnesota Timberwolves finally swooped in to claim the former first-round draft pick for whatever reason.

Curry will join fellow first-round bust Darko Milicic in Minnesota to form one of the most disappointing tandems in NBA and human history.

As a part of the deal to discard of Curry, the Knicks also acquired Carmelo Anthony from the Denver Nuggets in exchange for every halfway decent Knicks player.

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