Fruitless all-nighter may force Eagles to just go with McShay's mock, take Moreno
Updated: April 24, 2009

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All indicators point to the Eagles being able to select running back Knowshon Moreno with the 21st pick in Saturday’s NFL Draft. Howevah, with the team’s long history of trading out of the first round and abstaining from first-round running backs, fans are becoming increasingly skeptical that Moreno will become an Eagle.

The Eagles have reportedly elected to take the “fantasy draft/college finals” approach this year by procrastinating for the upcoming draft and pulling all-nighters on Thursday and Friday.

“We just found out [Joe] Banner got pantsed almost every day by his High School football team, so obviously nothing got done last night outside of the endless ripping,” said Andy Reid. “We’ll try to get something done tonight, but realistically we’re looking at either going in there with [Todd] McShay’s mock, or just wingin’ it like we always do. It’s not that hard anyway…just keep trading down, don’t pick a running back…standard Eagles stuff.”

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