Nike just supplying Vick with a bunch of funky, unwanted shoes
Updated: October 2, 2009

By Zaki,

Michael Vick’s agent reported earlier this week that his client had signed a sponsorship deal with Nike. Nike has now come forward deny those claims and say the company is only supplying Michael Vick with a couple truckloads of funky, outdated shoes and nothing more.

“Nike does not have a contractual relationship with Michael Vick,” Nike said in a statement on Thursday. “We have merely agreed to dump a truckload of worn-out shoes on Vick to give him an idea of what we think he’s worth right now. And that has nothing to do with the dogfighting stuff, either. He’s just a garbage football player right now. Now, if when he starts finding the end zone, we’ll be all over him like stank on chitlins again.”

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One Response to “Nike just supplying Vick with a bunch of funky, unwanted shoes”

  1. will on December 5th, 2009 8:04 pm

    is there any shoes you can let me have that are nike please vick please

    will please vick please

    ps: don’t feel bad about doing dog fighting just don’t do it agan ok vick please let vick read this please


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