Updated: September 10, 2009

Vick fumbles microphone twice in painful regular season debut

By Zaki, PhillyGameday.com

Michael Vick may want to hit the reset button after a very disappointing outing against Nueva Esperanza Academy in his regular season debut on Tuesday.

Vick, facing an onslaught of impressionable youth, appeared nervous as he fumbled his microphone twice and could only effectively answer 14 of 27 questions on the day.

“Mr. [Jeffrey] Lurie said my football career depends on how I do at these appearances,” said Vick. “I wasn’t happy with the way I performed out there, but I’m looking forward to rebounding against the The Caring Center next week and hopefully, I’ll be at 100% by the time I face Children’s Village in Week 6.”

Vick will travel with the Eagles to Charlotte as they take on the Panthers this Sunday, but will not be permitted on the sidelines with his team. He will instead watch the game from a protective “Vick bubble” in an undisclosed location to keep him away from the three remaining anti-Vick protesters.

Zaki is the Chief Rocka and senior writer for PhillyGameday.com.


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