Ibanez DL-bound after Phils nix his offer to play without groin
Updated: June 18, 2009

By , PhillyGameday.com

The Phillies will be without their most productive hitter for at least the next two weeks after Raul Ibanez was placed on the DL with a left groin strain. Ibanez has been bothered by the injury since April and offered to have the troubled groin removed altogether last week in an effort to stay on the field, but the Phils elected to give him some time off instead.

“I’d still rather just have it removed so I can just get back to work,” Ibanez said on Thursday. “Jim Abbott played for ten years without a hand. I’d look like a wuss if I didn’t at least offer to go groinless. But, I’ll let the doctors do their job.”

John Mayberry Jr. will be called up to take Ibanez’s roster spot and play RF for the Phillies while Jayson Werth will shift over to LF.

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