Jeter’s 15th straight Lead Foot Award draws major criticism
Updated: November 10, 2009

By Zaki,

Derek Jeter celebrated a World Series championship with his teammates last week and will now celebrate his 15th consecutive American League Lead Foot Award at the shortstop position.

The award typically goes to the player at each position with the range of a morbidly obese paraplegic, but some feel that other more deserving candidates were snubbed for this year’s award.

“I think Jeter’s quicksand range at his position is well documented and no one is disputing his lack of ability to field a ball hit slowly up the middle, but we have to make sure this award went to the right guy,” said one anonymous American League general manager. “Most American League shortstops are more than capable of fielding the routine grounders that seem to give Jeter such a difficult time, so I’m not saying he didn’t deserve his Lead Foot, but let’s not just give it to the guy based on his reputation alone is all I’m saying.”

Jeter did an excellent job of fielding balls hit directly at his glove, which also earned him his fourth Gold Glove of his career.

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