Report: World Series not that cool anymore thanks to Giants
Updated: November 2, 2010

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According to a report released Tuesday, winning the World Series now ranks below ads and Ace of Base in general popularity among professional baseball players.

Players were polled after watching the Giants hoist the World Series trophy and an overwhelming 87% of players agreed that they “don’t even want that shit anymore.”

“I’m just not that into it, to be honest,” an anonymous player said of the once-coveted championship. “I think instead of going after the trophy or a ring, guys are starting to really dig money now. That’s kind of the new thing.”

Researchers point to the severe drop in fan interest in the Fall Classic and the ability of the Giants to win a major sports championship with assorted excrement from other teams has made winning the World Series the least cool thing a player can do in life.

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One Response to “Report: World Series not that cool anymore thanks to Giants”

  1. Javi on November 4th, 2010 3:34 am

    Because the Phillies with their rent an arms, one WS Championsip in the last 30 years and their superior attitudes are so awesome. Cuz they’re on the East Coast. Oh, and they have Amish hot dogs. And hot dogs with broccoli on them. That’s some good stuff. Hot dogs with broccoli. Really? At least in SF non white people can go to the games. All I saw in Philly was white people in the stands and people of color behind the counters. Diversity!

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