Ron Washington on loss to Giants: We were out-misfitted
Updated: November 2, 2010

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Ron Washington dismissed rumors that the Rangers ran out of gas during their World Series loss to the Giants and suggested that his team was simply “out-misfitted by the other team.”

“You look over into the Giants dugout and you see Jonathan Sanchez’s eyebrows or that Olive Oyl clone Tim Lincecum. Bunch of misfits over there,” said Washington, a day after his team failed to capture the first championship in franchise history. “I mean, talent wise - on paper - we feel like we had the better team. But they were just too goofy. They had a lot of beards. Pat Burrell wears assless chaps to holiday parties. We were clearly outmanned in that department.”

When asked if his team could have done anything to be goofier, Washington was stoic in his sentiments.

“We tried a few things. We had that little Ron Washington kid come out. We even brought out George W. Bush. I saw some stuff going on in the crowd involving antlers. But it comes down to the players. We have guys who won’t even go near a wine cooler. You knew it was going to be an uphill battle.”


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