Westbrook cleared to play on Sunday with big-ass helmet
Updated: December 18, 2009

By Zaki, PhillyGameday.com

Brian WestbrookTeam doctors have officially cleared Brian Westbrook to play this weekend against the 49ers with the aid of a fairly big-ass helmet.

“He’s been limited in practice this week, but he looked good out there,” said Andy Reid on Friday. “They gave him this massive double helmet to wear which looks completely ridiculous, but at least we’ll have him back on the field.”

Westbrook has missed the past four games and six of his last seven with concussion symptoms after using a normal-ass helmet so far this season.

“Two concussions in a season is rough to deal with,” Westbrook said. “Without this helmet, I’d consider just hanging it up so I don’t kill myself out there, but [the helmet] should help me avoid any more concussions. I’ll look like an idiot and I’m pretty sure I’ll teeter over a couple times, but at least I’ll stay conscious.”

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2 Responses to “Westbrook cleared to play on Sunday with big-ass helmet”

  1. David Wright on December 18th, 2009 6:15 pm

    Complete Poser!

  2. raoool on December 26th, 2009 12:20 pm

    I hope they stocked up on those - they could carve out the insides of one for Vick

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