Police: Ryan Howard wanted in connection with left field bomb
Updated: September 9, 2010

By Zaki, PhillyGameday.com

Philadelphia police have issued an arrest warrant for Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard in connection with a bomb found in the left field stands at Citizens Bank Park on Wednesday.

“We are now looking for one Ryan James Howard,” said a Philadelphia police spokesman. “The suspect is approximately 6-foot-4 and 255 pounds. Be advised that this man is armed and dangerous as fuck.”

Howard is also believed to be connected to 27 more bombs found in at least 11 ballparks around the country. The blasts have left over one million fans “totally thrilled,” according to a police spokesman.

“Mr. Howard is a trained professional that we’re classifying as a repeat offender,” continued the spokesman of Howard, who was acquitted for bringing the pain in September of ’06, ’07, ’08 and ’09. “If you see this man, the best thing to do is to not engage. Just dial 9-1-1 and find someone else to pitch to until police arrive.”

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