‘Fast’ Eddie Chambers ready to bring another title to Philly
Updated: January 21, 2010

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Not that anyone was really counting on the Eagles taking it all the way this year, but getting hosed by the Cowboys twice in less than a week officially ended that pipe dream. With the Sixers and Flyers being…umm…the Sixers and Flyers, everyone’s probably leaning on the 2010 Phillies for the next shot at a championship for Philly.


Before the Phillies even start the 2010 season, Philly’s own “Fast” Eddie Chambers will try to bring home a heavyweight boxing title to this city — and the country as a whole — when he takes on Wladimir Klitschko on March 20 in Germany.

Heavyweight boxing isn’t what it used to be, but when a local guy with a legitimate shot to be the top heavyweight boxer in the world, it’s time to take notice again.

I met Eddie a few years back and have seen him grow from an awkward bowler that struggled to break 100 to an awkward bowler that can top 200 when nobody’s around. So, I thought I’d bring him in for an interview and let folks know what’s about to go down on March 20.

No offense to Freddie Mitchell — since it was kinda last minute and I only came up with one question — but here is Philly Gameday’s first for real-real interview.

Zaki: You’re in Fight Night: Round 4. How does it feel to finally be in a video game, even though they gave you saggy man-boobs?

Eddie: It’s an honor to be on the game but they could have given me more time to get in shape! But it’s a great honor for me being a huge video game fan.

Zaki: If I put Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out in front of you right now, how far do you think you could get?

Eddie: The funny thing is I was just playing online because I didn’t have a joystick but I could get to the second fight with Bald Bull! Then I’m out!

Zaki: That’s it? I actually just saw a video the other day of some guy that beat the game and only got hit once.

Eddie: The reason is I’ve been playing on the internet without a joystick but if I had a joystick I would be dominating!

Zaki: What would it take to get Big Rob (Eddie’s trainer and manager, Rob Murray Sr.) on a bike and you running behind him in a pink jump suit down Kelly Drive?

Eddie: It would take a lot! It would have to be in the summer time and we might need a stationary bike for Big Rob!

Zaki: You also have a brother (Steve Upsher Chambers) that boxes in the welterweight division. When is his next fight?

Eddie: Steve is ready to take the next step. He’s honed his skills and I truly believe he’s ready to compete with the top fighters in the world. He will probably fight on Showbox in the next few months.

Zaki: Do you know what music you’ll walk out to in your fight against Klitschko?

Eddie: Not yet. I came out to Can’t Stop Me by Jadakiss last time and I won. I’m not superstitious but as long as it’s inspirational and I feel it, I’ll go with it.

Zaki: You’re an absolute bowling nut. Are you training to be the first two-sport athlete since Deion Sanders?

Eddie: Yes, I am Dammit! (Laughter) Bowling, along with basketball, gets my mind off of my sport so I’ve learned to really enjoy both. But don’t get mad because I gave you a beat down at Playdrome! Can you say rematch?

Zaki: I don’t recall you ever beating me and I don’t care if Jeff and Paco were there to see it…it never happened. But thanks for that segue into my next question: Will you ever be able to beat me in bowling?

Eddie: Don’t have me going to the alley getting my reps in! You’re lucky I have this fight coming up. After the fight, it’s on!

Zaki: Are there any other sports you think you could turn pro in and become the first ever three-sport pro athlete?

Eddie: I love basketball, but Lil Rob (Eddie’s manager, Rob Murray Jr.) humbles me at Virtua. Other than that, I’m an armchair football coach on Sundays. Let me know if you need any predictions for this week!

Zaki: If you had to decide between building bowling lanes or a personal gym in your house, which one would you choose?

Eddie: Definitely bowling! I don’t like bringing work home with me. I like getting in my car going to the gym and I couldn’t imagine having to workout in my house. With bowling, all my friends and family could enjoy it.

Zaki: Honestly, do you think fame would change you at all with signing autographs and getting noticed more in public?

Eddie: I would say ‘no’. I think everyone wants a certain level of privacy but how many people can actually say that people love and appreciate what they do worldwide? I think like any human being I might have my days but when I think about where I came from and where I am, I would snap out of it real quick and just keep signing!

Zaki: One last question: Are you ready to do this damn thing and bring a belt back to Philly and the U.S.?

Eddie: Honestly Zaki, I truly feel that it’s my destiny. I’m everyone’s underdog except for maybe you and my team. But I train hard and I believe that I will win. So prepare for the victory party at Playdrome!

Photos for this article were provided by Brady Dillsworth.

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