Greg Dobbs medically cleared to start hitting again
Updated: August 17, 2010

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The Phillies medical staff confirmed that Greg Dobbs remains in perfect physical health and said it was “cool” if he started swinging the bat and hitting baseballs again.

Dobbs is one of the few Phillies not to spend time on the disabled list this season, but the team wanted to have the pinch hitter checked out just so they could rule out an injury as the cause of his .191 batting average.

“We gave Greg the green light to resume hitting the way he did back in 2008,” said one team doctor. “We also medically cleared him to take a freaking pitch every once in a while and to use his glove to field balls while at third base.”

Despite the medical clearance, Dobbs is unsure if he is ready to start swinging a bat again.

“Greg Dobbs knows his body better than these doctors do,” said an agitated Dobbs. “Greg Dobbs will start hitting when Greg Dobbs is good and ready.”

UPDATE: Greg Dobbs was actually designated for assignment hours after this story was posted. We at Philly Gameday promise to only use our powers to get players DFA’d on a limited basis in the future.

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