I’m nothing like Cliff Lee, by Roy Oswalt
Updated: October 18, 2010

By , PhillyGameday.com

I’m just not seeing it, folks.

Ever since I came here, I’ve been dodging comparisons to this guy like I’m some kinda of “replacement Lee” and I don’t get it.

I hear what people are saying about how we were both traded from awful teams to the Phillies at the deadline and helped guide them to the playoffs by winning seven games in 12 starts while winning the fans over by doing quirky things.

I mean I get all that. But how does that make me Cliff Lee?

Would Lee have run through the stop sign at third last night to make sure we get that crucial insurance run?

OK, he probably would’ve. Bad question.

But what about the fact that my birthday is on August 29?

What? Really? Cliff Lee’s is on August 30? Sonofabitch…

Well, I led the National League in WHIP this year? Did Cliff Lee…

He led the American League in WHIP this year? Seriously, though? Come on!

OK, so I’m “kinda” like Cliff Lee. Big deal.

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