The Phillies are in serious trouble right now, by Joey Bagadonuts

Raul Ibanez can’t hit, Kendrick can’t get anyone out, the Marlins just showed they can beat us, the Braves are right on our tails, Moyer’s old as hell, Jimmy Rollins is hurt, Lidge is stinking it up in the minors and won’t... [Read more...]

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Please, let the doorknob hit you Jordan, by Joey Bagadonuts

What a complete waste of a year of my life. I told everyone the day that this douchebag Eddie Jordan got hired that this would be a complete disaster, but did anybody listen to me? Hell no. I knew this guy was no good from... [Read more]

Phils offense can’t survive without Rollins, by Joey Bagadonuts

I can’t believe this is happening right now. Jimmy Rollins, the spark plug of the entire Phils offense, is headed to the DL and we’re stuck with Juan freakin Castro as his replacement. Jimmy was off to the best... [Read more]

Why is Cole Hamels still on this team? by Joey Bagadonuts

The next time somebody even mentions the name “Cole Hamels” to me, I’m gonna ralph my brajole right in his face. Who is this guy and who said he could still pitch in this town? Every time I turn around,... [Read more]