Eagles refute rumor that they care who the head coach is

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Andy ReidFacebook, Twitter and the Blogosphere exploded on Sunday night with a “report” that the Eagles cared who their head coach was, but the team issued a statement on Tuesday flatly denying any such concern.

The erroneous report was picked up by several Eagles-related blogs run by teenagers and other people that generally don’t know what they’re talking about, but people started taking them seriously anyway. This firestorm led to a severe bunching of panties by traditional news sources that had to waste their time to refute reports that we all knew were stupid to begin with.

A high-ranking Eagles official, asked about the report on Tuesday, responded, “C’mon now.”

“After hearing the rumors that Jon Gruden was close to becoming the next Eagles head coach and the subsequent rumor that we somehow cared about who we let coach our team, we felt it necessary to dispel both of those rumors,” read the statement. “Whether Andy Reid or Jon Gruden or Bobo the chimp is the coach, we don’t really care either way, so don’t let anyone tell you any different.”

Andy Reid actually hires next guy to walk through door

February 3, 2011 by  
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Eagles offensive line coach Juan Castillo became the team’s new defensive coordinator after Andy Reid followed through on his promise to hire the next person to walk into his office.

“After interviewing several candidates and carefully weighing our options, I decided that this whole thing has been one giant pain in my ass and that I’d hire the next guy I saw,” Reid said at a Thursday press conference. “So, that’s when Juan [Castillo] came in to show me some new iPhone app and I gave him the job.”

This marks the first time that Reid has hired anyone in this manner since hiring Sean McDermott as the Eagles defensive coordinator in 2009.