Luis Castillo creeped out by how fast Phillies signed him

March 21, 2011 by  
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Luis Castillo told reporters Monday that he was pretty creeped out after the Phillies signed the second baseman to a minor league deal only three days after he was released by the Mets.

“At first, it was kind of flattering to know [the Phillies] had some interest, but then they started acting like ‘Luis, we can’t afford to lose you’ which was really strange since I was just released by the Mets,” said Castillo, who hit .235 last season and has one home run in his last 273 games. “They act like they’ve never seen an aging, light-hitting second baseman before. It’s just weird.”

Castillo said he still doesn’t know what the Phillies want from him and doesn’t rule out that the Phillies brought him on board just to mess with him.