McNabb, Reid relationship strained over finances, dirty dishes left in sink
Updated: February 24, 2009

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New details are surfacing from the reported meeting that took place between Donovan McNabb and the Eagles. McNabb voiced his concern over the communication breakdown between himself and Andy Reid, in addition to the foul matter of Reid leaving his “funky draws” lying around the locker room.

“I just feel like there’s very little commitment to me in this relationship,” said McNabb. “For the past 10 years, I’ve tried to make them happy, but when it comes to my happiness and the things I want, like a playmaking wideout or solid O-line protection, Reid and the Eagles just don’t care about my needs. I almost feel like they would be happier with someone else.”

The recent man-drama reached its height when McNabb was reported to have told the organization that he may seek a divorce if more focus wasn’t placed on satisfying his needs as a major player for the Eagles.

“I have remained a devoted QB and lover to this organization for 10 long years,” McNabb  told holding back tears. “But if it’s time to leave, I know there’s someone else out there that’s going to love me for who I am.”

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