Updated: March 5, 2009

DiLeo unveils radical strategy involving defending, making three-point shots

By Zaki, PhillyGameday.com

Sixers head coach Tony DiLeo has indicated that the team’s recent slide has backed him into a corner where he’s ready to try anything to get his team back into the win column.

“I’ve noticed that quite a few teams are making use of what I’m being told is a three-point arc,” said DiLeo, who poured through hours of video and noticed players were awarded an extra point for shots beyond said arc. “I came up with a new way to possibly stop other teams from using this against us by placing the palm of your hand directly in their face. I’ll also instruct my players to take more of these longer shots in practice. This strategy just might change the entire game of basketball.”

DiLeo and the Sixers will try and implement their new plan as they travel to face the Grizzlies in Memphis, TN on Saturday.

Zaki is the Chief Rocka and senior writer for PhillyGameday.com.


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