Sixers no match for Garnett-less, Allen-less Celtics; Losing streak still intact

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The Sixers showed that they truly belong in the playoffs by losing to the 2006-07 version of the Boston Celtics — that finished with the second-worst record in the league that year at 24-58 — by a score of 100-98. With both Kevin Garnett (injury) and Ray Allen (suspension) absent from the game, the Celtics starting five consisted of leftovers from the 06-07 squad that were so horrendous, that they finished a full 11 games behind the Sixers.

In spite of the loss, the Sixers have managed to keep their sizzling losing streak alive that now stands at six games. The streak and the Sixers’ imposing 40-41 record would draw significant attention in any other major sports league such as the NFL or MLB, but the nature of the NBA is one of extreme lunacy and unprofitability, so it remains a non-story.

“That’s how it goes in the NBA,” said head coach Tony DiLeo. “It’s reassuring to know that you can fail more often than not, and still have a shot at the title at the end of the year. We’ll probably just be some team’s punching bag in the first round…but it’s nice to dream anyway.”

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2 Responses for “Sixers no match for Garnett-less, Allen-less Celtics; Losing streak still intact”

  1. John Hamer says:

    Im just hoping a bottom seed makes it to the finals in either conference. But you know its gonna be the Lakers v. Cavs

    • Zaki says:

      That’s what makes the NBA playoffs so magical….that we all know going into it who the final two teams are going to be.

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