Kendrick called up just in time to ruin everyone's night
Updated: June 13, 2009

By Zaki,

Kyle Kendrick was about two minutes away from not being able to blow last night’s game, but arrived just in time due to a few miracles pulled off by the Phillies front office.

Kendrick had been recalled from Triple-A Lehigh valley earlier in the day to replace the injured Scott Eyre, but the righthander had a difficult time getting to the ballpark.

2:03 PM - Kendrick receives the news that he will be added to the 25-man roster for Friday’s game.

2:28 PM - Kendrick leaves Coca-Cola Park in Allentown, PA and heads for Citizens Bank Park.

3:14 PM - Kendrick hits a ridiculous amount of traffic on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and phones Ruben Amaro that he may be a little late for the game. Amaro assures him that the traffic will clear up soon.

8:31 PM - Kendrick, having only moved 629 feet since his last call, informs Amaro once again that the traffic situation is out of control and he may miss the game and even offers to turn around and not show up for the game at all. Amaro says “be cool Ace, help is on the way.”

8:39 PM - A four-car police escort arrives to guide Kendrick to the game.

9:21 PM - Kendrick loses his police escort when four fools who can’t drive in the rain plow into them, narrowly missing Kendrick’s car.

9:58 PM - After trying to drive the rest of the way on his own, Kendrick runs into more traffic, 16 miles from the ballpark. He calls Amaro again to tell him to just call the whole thing off and just let Eric Bruntlett pitch in his place because he would probably do just as well. Amaro voices to someone next to him about a “code orange” and that “getting Kendrick to the park is now our number one priority.” Amaro tells Kendrick to “get out of your car and look toward the sky” and hangs up.

10:09 PM - An AH64-A Apache Helicopter arrives on the scene to pick Kendrick up and air lift him the rest of the way to Citizens Bank Park.

10:13 PM - Kendrick finally arrives at Citizens Bank Park, just in time to head out to the bullpen.

10:21 PM - Kendrick enters the game.

10:39 PM - Kendrick gives up three runs in the top of the 13th.

11:10 PM - Kendrick takes the loss and ruins everyone’s night.

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