Phils offense picks up, throws away Kendrick in win over Nats
Updated: April 15, 2010

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Kyle Kendrick gave up six earned runs in less than two innings of work, but the Phillies offense was able to pick the pitcher up and dispose of him out back.

The Phillies, off to their best start since 1993, responded well with continued support from the bullpen and an offensive explosion of 14 runs after Kendrick was mutilated and finally discarded during the second inning.

“It’s like that piece of garbage sitting in your neighbor’s yard,” said Ryan Howard. “Eventually, you just get tired of looking at it, so you go over there and throw it out. As much as we love Kyle, he was making the neighborhood look bad.”

Charlie Manuel has not yet made a decision on whether the long-dead Kendrick will make another start for the team or if he will stay out back until next Wednesday’s garbage day.

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